Preparation of Minutes and Resolutions

The importance of minutes and resolutions

Preparation of minutes and resolutions is important for every corporation. It is not only mandated by the government, but is also a valuable source of evidence in support of a corporation’s operations in times of problems. The expert corporate lawyers of Business Corporate Attorney can help you prepare excellent minutes and resolutions to keep your company’s operations well-documented and transparent.

As it is, business meetings may be conducted formally or informally, depending on the company and circumstances. Nevertheless, our expert corporate lawyers who are adept in preparing company’s minutes and resolutions know very well how to handle every situation where the careful taking of minutes is a must.

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Our expert lawyers will tell you outright that you do not need to record irrelevant topics to the business at hand. It is enough that the minutes provide a clear record of business actions and factors considered in making business decisions.

As the minutes provide a written report of important corporate transactions—from sensitive decisions relating to legal, tax, and financial matters up to and including approvals of benefits and additional compensations—it would be wise for you to hire the services of our corporate lawyers who are experts in preparing your company’s minutes and resolutions. With our lawyers handling your bookkeeping and business recordings needs, you will be assured that your business processes are properly documented and can stand any scrutiny if and when problems arise.

Additionally, our corporate lawyers are more than capable of providing you with invaluable service in the preparation of board resolutions. Such documents are vital to the life of the corporation as they are evidences of major decisions taken by a corporation’s shareholders or board of directors during a meeting.

Board resolutions may take many forms but what is important is that they should make reference to the meeting and then be signed by the Chairman of the Board. As resolutions involve everyday operations and movement of the corporations—from borrowing and investing to paying dividends, salaries and even changing the corporate status—it is important to seek the assistance and services of our expert lawyers.

The importance of minutes and resolutions

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If you value your corporation and is serious in keeping your Los Angeles business well-documented and protected through proper and meticulous documentation of your resolutions and minutes, you should secure the services of the BCA’s business lawyers right now.

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