Non-Compete Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement: Establishing One with the Help of a Los Angeles Business Lawyer

A non-compete agreement is a formal deal between the employers and employees. This agreement states that the employees are prohibited from having any involvement in any other similar jobs inside a selected area for a specific period of time after separating from the company.

Basically, this covenant may be included in the employment contract to be signed by the employees before performing their jobs. Hence, this document can also be of legal understanding, if it will not have any provisions opposing the federal and state laws.

Generally, employers utilize this whenever they sign in newly-hired employees. By having this agreement, former employees would not use the information and skills they have acquired during their stay in the company. Furthermore, they must also not engage in the same line of work at the same place. This will prevent them to become a formidable competitor in the business.

In fact, most of the companies have invested a considerable amount of time and effort just to train their employees. Then, after gaining such knowledge and expertise, the skilled worker may opt to leave the company and accept a much higher offer from a certain competitor. This is why the employers compel their employers to agree with the terms of this contract.

On the other side, due to the arguments rising in the implementation of a non-compete agreement, a number of states in the U.S. has deflect its usage. It is now dependent to the state government on how to deal with these contracts.

In fact, the California’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act prohibits an individual from stealing confidential business information. However, this law is not that easy to use as a ground in having a non-compete agreement. Thus, it is still necessary for a business entity to hire a professional Los Angeles corporate lawyer who has the extensive understanding of the other related business and employment laws in order to come out with a legally acceptable contract.

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