Fictitious Business Name

What is a fictitious business name?

A fictitious business name is also known as DBA, an acronym which means “doing business as,” or an assumed business name. Having a fictitious business name or doing business as may seem shady, but it is completely legitimate.

A fictitious business name gives you the right to do legal business under a specific name at minimum expenses. Applying for it requires very minimal payment so you don’t have to worry. Aside from this, you also do not have to create another completely new business unit.

Benefits of having a fictitious business name

Under a fictitious business name, you can receive payments, do advertisement campaign, and introduce yourself under such name.  It lets you utilize a typical business name without the need to create a formal and official entity, like a corporation, LLC, partnership, etc. Aside from these, it allows you to open a checking account for your business and get the phone number of your business listed according to the name. For solo proprietors, having a DBA is the least-costly way of doing numerous businesses legally.

However, without following regulations and proper lawful notification about your business being under an assumed name, your business may be considered a fraud.

Applying for the use of a fictitious business name

Nowadays, lawful filing or registration of a fictitious business name is quick, effortless, and inexpensive. Given these factors, you should strongly consider filing or registering your assumed business name.

As it is, U.S. states have varying rules for filing an assumed business name. In some places, you can put in your full name or just a nickname along with your service or product description. Therefore, before you register for a DBA, it is best to check out the local business regulatory authority.

In a fictitious business name, you can also apply an implication that there are more people involved in the business. You can also just use a single, assumed name.

In some states, getting an assumed name can be done by registering it with the Secretary of State or through the other state agencies. Meanwhile, other states also let each county have different filing and payment procedures of registering a DBA.

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