Employment Agreement

Los Angeles Business Lawyers Help in Drafting Employment Agreements

In common business practices in Los Angeles, the employers are given a free hand on whether or not to offer an employment agreement to all or some of their workers. Thus, these contracts are presented to those who are on the top positions in the company rather on regular employees.

However, these agreements should not be crafted in a discriminatory manner in which the workers are classified based on their gender, race, religion, age, national origin or color and disability. Hence, these contracts should be fair to all the employees so that they may perform their duties in the company efficiently and without any fear of being subjected to prejudice and bias.

Meanwhile, the employers can enjoy various benefits from handing over an employment agreement for the crucial and important posts in their company. They will not have the uncertainty of being left by these employees without giving them time to look for other people for replacement. More so, having a rational non-compete article on these contracts will impede the workers from revealing the company’s procedures and secrets to other business competitors.

Quite the contrary, the slight disadvantages of bestowing these contracts are having restrictions regarding the dismissal of employees who they may find unproductive and even the impossibility of reducing their benefits.

On the other hand, a well-outlined employment agreement may tackle the following subjects:

  • Work position
  • The employer’s right to adjust the position
  • The agreement duration
  • Financial issues such as salaries, bonuses, benefits and allowances
  • Stock options
  • Grounds for job termination
  • Severance packages in case of employment separation
  • The worker’s job description and responsibilities
  • The worker’s obligations on confidential matters
  • Labor dispute resolution

Nevertheless, drafting a fine and pleasant contract may be that easy. However, in reality, to have the best and the most suitable contract for a certain company, the owner or employer is recommended to seek the assistance of a qualified and reliable Los Angeles corporate lawyer who has the capacity and decent ability to engage in this type of job.

Incidentally, if you are about to start a business or is someone who has been flourishing on a certain business venture and you want to have your company’s employment agreement that is carefully drafted to your liking, let the business lawyers of the Business Corporate Attorney do it for you.

Los Angeles Business Lawyers Help in Drafting Employment Agreements

The Los Angeles-based law firm has the best legal experts that deal with anything about your business, and these include drafting employment agreements, by-laws, and employment manuals. We provide superior legal consultations and services to businesses in California.

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